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Here's one for the misfits, the nonconformists and those who never quite fit in

If you jump on my website, one of the first things you will see is the following comment:

Author. Blogger. Welcoming you to the land of the taboo: one page at a time. Read about the misfits, the nonconformists and the people who never quite fit in.

In truth, this describes my characters in a nutshell. In the beginning, I didn't make this connection

and thought that I had simply created characters that were interesting. However, it was after I listened to a Vlog (I want to say it was by Mastin Kipp but am not certain) I realized that our passion is the result of something that makes us angry at a young age. For example, if you were an abused child, you may grow up to be very passionate about children’s rights because of the angry part of you that didn’t feel protected. I immediately recognized where my own little spark of anger developed inside of me and it was from growing up feeling a bit like an outsider, looking in and I was passionate about telling the stories of those who fell into the same category.

Not to suggest that I want to be like other people – I definitely appreciate my individualism – but that part of me that feels as though I am judged or rejected just because I don’t fit into society in the way that makes others comfortable. For this reason, I feel compelled to tell the stories of people who are the misfits, the nonconformist, the rebels, the abused, the neglected, the misunderstood – the people that never quite fit in either. In turn, I find that it is usually those same kinds of people who are most attracted to my writing. So in a way, it all kind of comes together, full circle.

My first book, Fire, centered on a young lady called Tarah Kiersey. She grew up in a broken home, felt as though she came second to her brother and struggled with relationships and later, fame.

My second book, A Spark before the Fire was created after the character of Jimmy Groome almost took over my first book, causing me to see that he had a lot more story to tell. Turns out, he grew up with a dark secret from his childhood that haunted him throughout his life. His magnetic personality was attractive, dangerous and yet, he never really fit in anywhere –  school, his family and or even his band.

My third book, The Rock Star of Vampires, centers on Ava Lilith, an unhappy vampire who grew up in a loveless home and strives toward happiness. Living in a building of misfits, she has to accept what makes them all different is actually what brings them all together. My fourth book will be a sequel to this book and will tell the story of Mariah Nichols – a kind of anti-hero that you can’t help cheer for as you read.

A part of me wants to fight for the underdog. I don’t like the bullies of the world – arrogant bosses, opportunistic politicians, heartless corporations or just simply just the big kid on the playground. To me, the moment you allow someone to intimidate you, they win.

Lately we've been hearing a great deal in the news about some of the bullies of the world. Sexual harassment and abusive workplace environments are a hot topic and to be honest, it kind of makes me sad that there are so many hidden miseries that people carry with them each day, fearful of speaking out. It is understandable because even though the politically correct thing to say is that victims should be able to feel safe to come forward, we know it doesn’t always happen. Here in the real world, ‘coming forward’ might mean the difference between getting promoted, having or keeping a job or possibly being ignored by the people who are supposed to make us feel safe. After all, it is often the police, the HR departments and others are quick to scurry under the bed when the light shines in their direction.

Unfortunately, when you keep the cover on a pot of boiling water for too long, things tend to get pretty hot and when it is lifted, someone is apt to get burned. Misfits are the product of holding in too much ‘hot steam’ for too long and although that often comes out in a creative and passionate way, there are times when the results aren’t as pretty. But one way or another, it’s going to happen.

I like to think that my characters come out better on the other side. Their lessons are difficult, their challenges take them in some dark places, but they're survivors and at the end of the day, it is their flaws that make them perfect.

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